This is quick and simple.  I've been doing a series of book readings this summer, while the podcast is on hiatus.  Since it's inception, I've had the attendance of, and support from a cast of regulars who are just wonderful.

In no particular order, I wan to thank:

  • Hiddenpartition, who has ALWAYS attended each reading, and joined me in Skype after, to boot.  They're awesome!
  • Zorro, my fellow author and good friend, who promotes the heck out of the readings, and my books.  He's a mightily good friend.
  • My little girl Valentalae, who not only works the crowd in the chatroom, but who adds her wit and perspective to the readings.  Everything I do that she helps me with is better for it.  I love her.
  • Autieab - If I were a country, autie would be the head of my embassy in Redditland.  He promotes my stuff there wonderfully, and I'm super grateful for it.

I'm grateful for these wonderful people.


AuthorMako Allen