I'm all about balance.  I spend countless hours pondering weighty philosophical things.  I also have a love of frivolity and poking at social conventions.  I'm intentionally ridiculous, often.  Case in point - my love for silly hats, and dressing oddly.


I started my day running some local errands, and put on the hat in this picture.  It got me some stares at the supermarket, and compliments at the Goodwill.  I thought to myself, the hat's good, but it's not enough.  When I got home, I put on the stripy socks, and the clown nose.  I'm waiting on a visit from friends, and can't wait to greet them at the door like this.  Later, if Missy lets me, I'll wear the whole getup to go out to the movies.

I'm grateful I have the freedom to be such an oddball.  It's fun!

AuthorMako Allen
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