This morning as I was walking to the train, I noticed a woman doing the same.  She had some sort of mobility issue, and the walk was clearly an effort for her.   That got me thinking. 


I love my body. It's not without it's share of issues. I've been heavier, and I've been skinnier.  I have sleep apnea, pretty bad.  Sometimes I have circulation issues, where if I sit for too long, my legs fall asleep.  I'm slightly nearsighted, and used to be much worse, before I had LASIK.  I'm very prone to sinus infections, too.

Yet my body is also amazing.  I've run half marathons.  I can swim an hour of breaststroke without stopping.  When I need to, I can push my body to do more than my mind thinks it can.

For most of my life I didn't think I was an athlete, which turned out to be wrong.  I'm glad I figured out that was so.  Through will and hard work I was able to lose an enormous amount of weight and learn to run.  Since then, I have put some back, which doesn't make me very happy. 

But I understand something now I didn't before.  No matter what weight I am, no matter what circumstances I'm dealing with, physically, mentally, emotionally, my body is right there with me, doing the best it can with whatever life throws at it.  When I work it, it responds.  

That is amazing.  I'm grateful for my body. 


AuthorMako Allen
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