Male Mary is a gender-bending, cautionary tale about responsible behavior by S. A. Barton.  

It's brilliant.  

It's funny, perverse, frightening, weirdly arousing, and a great, compelling, read.

I know Mr. Barton, from Twitter, where we're twitter-buddies.  We have a lot in common.  Like me, he's a Taoist, and an author, albeit a way more prolific author than I am.  He's also got a kickass recipe for sautéed apples and pears.  You should ask him about it, sometime.

Oddly enough, when I first started following him, I somehow got the idea that he was a woman.  After a particularly awkward direct message exchange about it, which we both laughed at, I resolved that I wanted to get to know him better, and would start by buying some of his stuff.  Male Mary is the first story of his that I've read, but it's sure not to be the last.  He's witty, gifted, and bizarre.  

I'm grateful I got to know him and his work.  I'd be grateful if you did, too.

AuthorMako Allen
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