I kind of live in a world deep inside my head.  It's populated with memories, daydreams, stories about fictional characters I've created, and stories about people I know.

Image courtesy of http://childoftheflower.deviantart.com/art/Sexual-Tension-308072205

Image courtesy of http://childoftheflower.deviantart.com/art/Sexual-Tension-308072205

It's a little like being a cook.  I've always got a little something going on the brain oven. 

Often, these fantasies are me reliving arousing experiences, or dj-style cutting and remixing the memories into things which have not and might not come to pass.  

Yet other times, those other memories are the source for new stories I am writing. I'll remember watching a particular friend get spanked, or maybe aggressively masturbated at a play party, and roll those feelings into a story about Christina, one of my favorite characters from Concerning Littleton.  

That's exactly what happened to me on the train this morning.  I started working on a story about how she met her husband Adam, and realized how much she likes to laugh with him, and tease him, and then, much like a few people I know, be called to task with a nice firm spanking on her bare bottom. 

I love when this sort of synthesis happens to me, inside me. It brings the vast imaginary landscape in my head closer to the real world.  I'm grateful I get to do that.  

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