A big thing for me is my fairly constant drive to do as little harm as I can to other people. 

I recognise that pain and joy are both transient, and constant. They're a part of being alive.  

At some point, I'm bound to make someone else angry, frustrated, frightened, disappointed, or some other negative feeling. That's just human. 

Heck, I'm bound to do all those things to MYSELF, sometimes.  

So, I'm mindful. I'm careful and focused. Sometimes.

Some of the ways I consciously, directly try to minimize suffering include: 

- being soft spoken, and not raising my voice.  

- trying to listen to what others are saying, fully listen, without preparing a response ahead of time, adversarially. (Hard!) 

- responding to others when they reach out to me in need for solace and comfort.  

Do you try to minimize suffering too? Please leave me a comment about it, I'm curious to hear some of the conscious ways you do that. 


AuthorMako Allen
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