I'm a passionate person, and love witnessing passion in others, especially my wife, Missy.


Missy loves a lot of things, but there are some she's especially passionate about.

Two in particular are in this great picture she took this morning.  

She LOVES anything to do with weather, storms, and clouds.  She's had a dream for a long time of going on a storm-chasing vacation. One day I'm going to take her on one, no doubt.

The other passion is photography itself. She's a GREAT photographer. Every year when the cherry blossoms come in she gets up MANY days before sunrise so she can get to the tidal basin in DC, to photograph the cherry blossoms before and as the sun comes up.  

My wife is MANY things, but a morning person is NOT one of them.  

Just goes to show you how passionate she is.  

I love that about her. We're both passionate people, and each have our own individual obsessions, but it's part of the reason, I think, that we get each other.  

Every time she pursues a passion with vigor, I light up inside. I'm grateful she's driven that way. 


AuthorMako Allen
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