I love my cats, Yin & Yang.  I've had them almost a decade.  They're a huge part of my life.  They're really brother and sister - they were the last two cats in their litter.


There are plenty of wonderful and equally terrible things about them.  One of those not-so-great-things about Yin is that she's prone to hairballs.  On a fairly regular basis I find them around the house.  

They just come with the territory.  I don't really mind them though.

I remember back when I first got them, and was living in a high-rise apartment, and was cleaning their litter box and accidentally spilled it ALL OVER A CARPETED FLOOR.  It was horrible.

But I vacuumed it up, and bought this POWERFUL carpet cleaning goop, and got through it.

When you love someone, you deal with their disgusting stuff.  In a way, that's part of the joy of a holistic love for another living being.  

So why is it my gratitude today?  Because often, you come up with life hacks and workarounds which make gross things a lot less gross.

I found one for Yin's hairballs this morning.  Salt!

Seriously!  Here's the link to the article about it.


I'm so grateful I found it.

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