I love good manners, both in myself and others. I have since I was a kid. 


My parents, grandparents, and whole family had a thing about manners. We were taught to say please and thank you, to have good table manners, hold doors, pull out chairs, to be gracious. 

I never found this onerous. Just the opposite, in fact. I like calling people sir, or ma'am.  I go out of my way to treat service people like waiters, bar tenders, barbers, and service technicians with courtesy and respect. 

I think I understand why this is so gratifying for me.

This morning at the train station I parked in a far lot, and had to cross the main thoroughfare of the near lot to get to the station. 

Several cars came rushing through, and I waited for them to pass. As I crossed another car came driving down the lane, but stopped to let me cross. 

I waved and nodded thankfully, and the driver, smiling, did the same in return.  

Even though we don't know one another, for just that moment, we could acknowledge one another. It was like we said to each other, "Even though I barely know you, you matter enough to be worth my polite respect."

I'm grateful I can connect with a complete stranger like this. Things like this are why I kind of love everyone.  

AuthorMako Allen
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