I just got back from a family trip to visit a relative who lives in Toronto.  I have a big history with travel.  As a kid I went to a lot of exotic places overseas.

It's been ages since I went to Canada.  Last time was 20 years ago to go skiing in Mte. Ste. Anne, in Quebec. 

This time we drove up through Niagara Falls, which were beautiful. I'm a hopeless romantic, so I stole a kiss from Missy right by the falls.


I saw a lot and did a lot in Toronto, and really like it there. I feel like I just scratched the surface of the place.

Driving was long, but not too rough. Definitely something I could do again.

Last night I came home to my cats, and my bed, and it was a very welcome thing after such a long trip.

I am grateful for the adventure of traveling, and equally grateful for the return to a comforting and familiar home.

AuthorMako Allen
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