tinySmut are a form of flash fiction, microerotica I write on twitter.

I first encountered flash fiction back in college, where I was a writing major.  In one of several writing workshop classes I took we read this amazing book, Sudden Fiction International.

I love good flash. It tells a whole story in a tiny space. With a tight economy of words, you establish characters, backstory, plot, conflict, and resolution.

Most flash is 300 - 500 words. 

Years later, on twitter I started participating in an activity where each Friday, people would write sexy tweets and tag them #fucktoyfriday. 

For a while it was fun. Then I noticed some things. 

  • MANY of the tweets were misogynist.
  • There was a lot of hamfisted, inelegant repetition. "So I came on her face!"
  • The hashtag was only meant to be used on Fridays!
  • That hashtag sure was kinda long.

So I decided to make my own, much shorter hashtag, #tinySmut, and a twitter account by the same name, and thus, tinySmut was born!


If you're going to write tinySmut of your own, you're of course free to do so however you please.  Here are the guidelines I follow.

  • Know who the characters are in your head, even if you never name them.
  • Don't be afraid to let action happen "off-camera" before and after the story. Hint. Suggest. Tease.
  • Write over the 140 character limit, then edit out all the fluff.
  • Seek visceral reaction from the reader. Go for the throat. Don't hold back.

That's really all there is to it. It's sort of an art. I hope I see some of your #tinySmut on twitter soon! 

AuthorMako Allen