While it COULD be just my brain's inherent pattern matching apparatus, sometimes I feel like the universe reaches right out and socks me in the gut, hard. 

Case in point. Today on my way back from lunch I was crossing under a main road using a somewhat creepy pedestrian tunnel, where I found this sad, poignant abandoned sign.  I snapped a pic, drawn by the despair of such a thing. 

Just a little while before that I had gotten a push message from an app I use, that reminds me of ways to feel more love and joy in my life.  

The combination of the two makes me feel like I got punched, hard. 

Take a look. 


Next time I see a homeless person on the street, I'm going to make sure I ask them their name, and their story. Then I'm going to LISTEN, too. 

AuthorMako Allen
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