I've mentioned before how I'm a morning person, right?  I'm also a creature of habit.  I like my routines.  This penchant for routine and repetition is only enhance, really magnified by my being an age player.  

I also have a very patient, loving wife, who loves me for who I am, and enables, even encourages these things.  For a while now, she's helped me to have, even enforced my having one of the brass ring, ultimate, can't-beieve-I'm-so-lucky-to-have-it prized aspects of an ageplay relationship:

I have a bedtime routine.  

The funny thing about this bedtime routine is what it often, but to be fair not always,  turns into.

Here's the basic rundown.  Somewhere around 9:30 or 10:00pm on a "school night", it'll be time for me to get ready for bed.  She'll tell me to go upstairs, brush my teeth, get out my contact lenses (I know, I know, shush!), and get undressed.

Some nights, many, she'll put me in a diaper for bed.  Other nights, if the whim strikes her, or she's too tired for diapering, she'll have me put on a pull-up.  Lately, and I'm lucky for this, she's been very insistent that those are the two choices: diaper or pull-up.  Not undies, not naked.  If I make the mistake of not getting that pull-up on (which I'm supposed to, when I come to bed and she's already asleep), it means a spanking the next morning, or sometime soon after.

Then it's lights out, CPAP mask on (because I have sleep apnea), and off to bed.  Most of the time, the way I'm dressed, and the routine of it gets me nicely little and I drift off to sleep cuddling Missy, a shark, and usually my best doll pal, Alice.  

As I've said I'm a morning person.  I'm usually up about 10-15 minutes even before my alarm, which is set for 5am.  

The next morning I wake up feeling refreshed.  My night being diapered and little has me ready-to-meet-the-day.  It also often (granted, not ALWAYS) means I wake up, in a word, horny.  I'll roll over and as Missy and I call it, "go all bed octopus" on her.  

Sometimes this results in a very, very enjoyable morning.

Now as I may have mentioned before, while I am a morning person, Missy is not one.  But she'll wake up with me, guide me to do good things, and as I'm getting out of bed, and getting ready for my day, go crashing back to sleep.

She's spectacular.  My wife is maybe the single most generous person I've ever known.  I love all this loving guidance, structure, firmness, closeness, and romance we share.  She's just so damn good to me.

I'm grateful for her and for my bedtime routine.

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