Mindfulness is a practice, and as such requires nearly constant action. 

But it's easy, even tempting to get lazy and slack off about it.   I've been a student of it for almost a decade now, and still make plenty of mistakes like this. 

But, thankfully, I'm not without help I can turn to.  

Just today, @mindfulleveryday gave me just that kind of help. 


They tweeted this:

Peace of mind cannot be attained, only obstructed. 


So true.  Mindfulness does bring much change to my life, often in slow increments, but peace of mind is not one of those slow boils.

It's INSTANTANEOUS, on one condition.  I have to allow that it is so. 

You can't plan to get out of your own way.  You can't regret that you didn't, on pain of still doing it.   

You can't start doing it.  

You can't stop not doing it.  

There is only doing it, or not.  


AuthorMako Allen
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