That's Chinese for "orange soda."


It's pronounced (roughly)  "joo-tzuh gee-shway".

When I was a kid, my dad did a lot of business in mainland China.  I traveled there twice, on long trips.  It was a formative, memorable experience that's stuck with me my whole life. 

They didn't have a lot of western food there at the time. One thing they did have though was orange soda. I learned how to ask for it in Chinese. 

I never knew how to write or spell it though. 

36 years later, I needed to know. It's a detail in the new novel I'm working on.  

I called my mom to ask her if she knew, and asked my Twitter friends, as well as googling for it. 

I'm grateful I found it. And that my life has been so rich with experience. 

AuthorMako Allen
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