So, like you do, I was clipping photos out of a life hacking post that was filled with advertising and spam, because some of these hacks really are great when I noticed something peculiar about this one. 


Yes, using bread clips to label & organize your power cords is brilliant.  However, look at what's written on these four particular clips:

* Mouse (that's fine)

* Power (still perfectly normal)

* Hot tub (curious) 

* Life support (now we descend into madness) 

What exactly is going on here?  As I figure it, a terminally ill girl, who is HOOKED TO LIFE SUPPORT has been helped into a HOT TUB by a well-meaning, supportive, but ultimately possessed-of-poor-judgment boyfriend.

Being the plucky, take-charge sort of guy he is, he's going to run her life support computer from INSIDE THE HOT TUB.

This can't possibly end well. But you never know, I mean, look how organized the guy is, right?

AuthorMako Allen