So, this morning Missy and I got up to go meet a woman at a flea market who was giving us a good deal on a dining room table, and chairs.  Afterward, we went for a sensible breakfast, and came home.  Missy had something she had to go do, and I had work to do on my side-business/software prototype, Project Drummond.

I'm in the midst of doing so, up to my elbows in javascript, when a reminder pops up on my computer, to pay some bills.

I dismissed it and kept going, but it kept bugging me.  Which is what it's supposed to do.  Eventually, I gave in, and went to the website for the power company, and paid the bill.  I repeated the same thing for our water bill, and our trash pickup.

I didn't even have to glance at my bank balance to make sure I had enough to pay them all.  I have it.  Lately, I'm on top of things financially to a degree I haven't been in a while.  I regularly save money, I don't buy too much silly bullshit I don't need (although some, because there's some joy in that).  

And when I was done, I turned back to working on my side-business.  That's when the unmistakable truth hit me full-on, right in my face.

I'm a grownup.

This was followed, about a minute later, by a residual tremor.

And I like it.

Feels kind of good.


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