You may have heard me talk about my friend Matti before.  He's a brilliant musician, and artist.  He's the guy who made my custom light-up shark shoes.  (They're awesome.)

In his daytime job, he's a residential caregiver, someone who takes care of adults with mental health, physical and delayed development issues.  He's super good at it, too, because he's an incredibly kind, compassionate person.

He just had a rotten stroke of luck - his car completely, irreparably died.  And he relies on it to get to his job, help his patients, and well, live.

That's Matti's car.

That's Matti's car.

He started a YouCaring page to get some help getting a new one.  He's close to the goal of what he needs ($1,500).  At $997 he needs just a little over $500 more.

Please help me to help my kind, gentle friend.  


Here's a link to his YouCaring campaign.

AuthorMako Allen