One thing Missy and I have needed to do for ages was replace my old bookshelves.  When we moved we lost a key piece, the cross-braces that made my old shelves able to stand without tipping over.  Missy had wanted to try to fix them, but I told her that the shelves had had a good run, and we needed to just replace them.  (As it turns out, I had had those shelves over twenty years, so it really was time for them to go!)

Anyhow, we finally had the magic combination of available funds and time to do something about it on Sunday.  We had our eyes on this certain set of shelves up at IKEA, and went to get them.

We ended up getting two of the narrow shelves, one of the big ones, and drawers for all of them.

I was a little concerned we were going to have to break our budget by getting them delivered.  IKEA flat packs everything, but these suckers were tall, and came in a lot of boxes.


When we went to load up my car, they all fit perfectly.  

I know that's a very silly, small sort of thing to be grateful for.  It's not the cure for frigging cancer or anything.  But sometimes gratitude is about small things.  


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