On Friday, Missy had knee surgery, an ACL repair.

It was a long, harrowing day.  

I did my best to be a good surgery wingman.  We got out of the house very early, showing up at what turned out to be the wrong surgical center, and then made our way to the same group's second site, showing up right on time for her surgery.

And then we waited.  And waited.  And when we were done waiting we then waited some more.  We got a brief scare about whether or not our insurance would cover the anesthesiologist.  I hopped on the phone and straightened it out.

Along the way I kept up a steady stream of texts, posts on social media, and joking around, to keep the stress at bay, keep Missy laughing and feeling okay.

We played Words with Friends.  I sent her goofy messages.

Eventually they took her back.

After she was prepped for surgery, I went to find something to eat, and to get her something for when she woke up in recovery.

She really wanted french fries.

I got her french fries.

I ended up eating them because she was in way too much pain, and way too nauseous for food.

I distracted her with more laughter.

Eventually, I got her home, and safely into a recliner stacked with blankets, where MB and I hovered over her, until she could finally sleep.

It was a long day, but I got us both through it with laughter and care.



AuthorMako Allen
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