Today was a good, if busy day.

First, at the day job, I started in on a new "story", which involved me stretching out in some new technical directions again.

Once I sat down and began to dig into it, I found some bad code another coworker had written, something I could fix handily, and did so.

A delightful glass of shiraz.

A delightful glass of shiraz.

That sure felt good.

Then after work, I corrected a mistake of my own.  I went and bought new running shoes to replace the very beat up, slightly too small pair I had been using, and which have been making my back hurt like heck after a few miles.

After which, I went to a nice restaurant near the running store for wine and steak.

Mmmm... so good.

Really, the best part of the whole thing, sort of the unifying theme of the day, was that it's never too late to correct something you did before, improve on it, make it better.

I'm excited to get back to running more, now that I've got good shoes with which to do it.

I'm excited that I've learned enough about what I do that I could quickly, and easily, improve on the efforts of what my co-worker had done.

I'm grateful, and that's no missed steak.


Fantastic steak

Fantastic steak

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