Verfolgt is german for "haunted", and it's the name of a film made back in 2006.

Yesterday, as I was working from home, I first read about it online, and then found where I could watch it.

I got on this little tear yesterday, interested in female domination in mainstream media.  The truth is, you don't see it a lot.  Kink being in the public eye is a cyclical thing.  Sure there's the Fifty Shades series, that's such a thing lately, with the books, and the two films now.  Before that there was the Exit to Eden film.

But you don't seem female domination a lot, and when you do, it's usually pretty problematic.

That's sad, really.

So, the film.  I found you could watch the whole damn thing, on YouTube!  Here, go ahead:

Yes, it's got some of that problematic stuff.  But, in this case, I think it's handled, well, artfully.  I don't want to say exactly how or why it's problematic, because I don't want to spoil the plot for you.

But I loved this film.  I was happy to find it watchable, and want to buy the film.  There are parts of it that are highly erotic.  But the thing that really makes this film shine is the performances.  These characters are very, very real.  You see the emotions they struggle with, see how they try to figure themselves out, and what they mean to one another.

It's amazing.

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