On Friday I was working from home when I got a mail from my boss to get in touch with him about my "annual pay increase."

I thought that was a funny, and very promising way to refer to going over my performance review.  I was right, too.

I gave him a call, and he told me about the nice raise I was getting, said I was approved for at least one, if not potentially both of the training/conference related things I wanted to do this year, and said this wonderful thing to me, about how I'm "one of the most trusted and valuable employees at the company."

Damn, that felt good.

I've been at my current gig for about two years now.  Before that, I was at a much larger company, who treated me very much like a number, or perhaps a tiny, very replaceable cog in a giant machine.

I don't talk about my day job very much here, for a number of reasons, but I sure am grateful for it.  It's terrific to work someplace where I make a difference, and am appreciated.



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