Yesterday did not seem like it was going to be a high productivity day.

First, there was the absolutely wretched night of sleep I had had the night before.

Second, there was leaving the house late, due to dealing with cat litter maintenance nonsense, and having to stop for gas on my way.

Kinda like that

Kinda like that

Third, there was the long lunch I took to meet up with a relative I hadn't seen in about 15 years.

But, as the day wore on, I found my groove.

Something I had been researching and tinkering with for days just sort of clicked.

Also like this

Also like this

I was going to stay late anyhow, but I found my second wind, and stayed much later and got most of the feature I was working on, well, working.

I went from feeling tired to feeling determined.  At one point, I said, "well, this is a good stopping point, I can come back to the rest tomorrow."

Then I said to myself, "right... fuck that keep going."

When I got home, I was plenty tired.  But I felt good.



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