One thing I spent a significant amount of time doing today was cooking.  I got up early this morning to cook the savory filling for my chicken pot hand-pies.  It took me about 40 minutes to do, after which I got the mixture into the refrigerator to cool all day long.

That's because the recipe calls for the insides to be chilled when you roll them inside the pastry filling, before baking.

I don't make my own dough, I use puff pastry sheets.  And I slightly modify the recipe making my own little tweaks here and there.  (For example, I brush my pies with an egg wash before they go in the oven, but only on one side.  I also slightly change the spices and their proportions in my mixture.)

 Here's where I got the original recipe:

And here's what mine came out looking like tonight:

I love that I know how to cook, and that I can take recipes and make them my own.

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