I've got this good friend, PowerFlower.  She's sort of miraculous.  She embraced kink later in her life, and jumped in with both feet.  She's a brilliant artist, has a kind heart, and a filthy mouth in the best way.

She loves many of the same things I do, including spanking, philosophy in general, diapers, Alan Watts philosophy specifically, and grabbing life hard with both hands and not ever letting the fuck go of it.

Life has a funny way of getting in between good friendships, and Flower and I lost touch with one another about a year ago.  The other day we reconnected, and shared what we have going on in our lives.  Our friendship opened up, like a sunflower, and as we talked on the phone it was like no time had passed at all.  It felt so damn good to reconnect.

AuthorMako Allen
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