Spacey, our friend Fiona, and I have this epic long-running group text thing going, that even has a name.  It's called "Message a Trois", a cute pun on a menage a trois.

We regularly chat about anything and everything.  Our lives, our jobs, our health, our partners, our hopes, our dreams.  It's special.  

We do lots of silly, jokey stuff in there too.  One of those things is we play "autosuggest text roulette."  That's the thing where you start a text message and let the phone suggest words for you, and just keep going until it makes a complete sentence or two.

Today I roulette'd up this little beauty:

Fiona your diaper bag is a good way to get your diaper done with the other people that are actually going to be the other way around.

Fee loved it.  So she drew it up for me as a picture:

I laughed myself silly.

She explained the drawing to me thusly:

"That's mommy changing me in a space diaper, with the purple diaper bag, with the other people who are actually the other way around"

I really adore her.  And told her so.


AuthorMako Allen
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