So I'm a huge fan of this game QuipLash.  I am addicted to it.  I have it for my xbox, have it for my laptop, worked out how to play it over the internet with friends, have brought it with me to kinky conventions, too.

One thing I've wanted for a while is to bring it to the DC Littles Munch.  On Saturday, I did.  It was a delightful mix of things-just-worked-out-right.  

First, I found a place to project it on the wall, realized it wasn't a good place, and was able to get the permission of the owners to take a picture off the wall in the much better place.

Second, I remembered how to connect the projector directly to the laptop for power and video, and then use the one plug I had access to to run the whole thing.

Third, the timing and the group dynamics worked out just right so that a HUGE group of people got in to play with me.  It was awesome!

On e of the munchers even got up and loosened the light bulb in the ceiling to make the game more visible for everyone.

I love it when things come together like that.


AuthorMako Allen
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