So I work in Information Technology for my day job.  Another way to put that is that I'm a professional Figure Stuff-Out'er.

I've had this thorny thing I've been working through, that involves tables, buttons, responsive design, and all sorts of slick javascript related what-not.

I happened upon a potential solution to said thorny thing around 3am, while dreaming, and then immediately got on my phone to look it up, saw it might work for me, and bookmarked it to use.

Well, many hours later I tried it, and even though it should have worked, it didn't.

But I achieved a reasonable compromise anyhow, through trial-and-error and my own refusal to be denied.  I got it to the place of Good Enough.

I have some ideas about why the thing didn't work, and I'll look into it.

Why is this a gratitude?  Because having and solving mysteries is my job.  I like that job.


AuthorMako Allen
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