So I've had this sort of repetitive gag going for years.  

Every single time someone is getting a wrapped gift in front of me, I always say "Oh, I know what it is!"

And when, as inevitably they will, they ask, "Really? What?"  my answer is always the same.

"It's a sweater!"

I say this no matter what the wrapped package looks like.  It could be a tiny little thing you hold in your hand, a flat envelope, a giant TV-sized box.  Always the same answer.

Comedy gold, right?

You'd think this thing would get kind of old.  It does.  That's actually where the true comedy of the thing comes in.  Everyone who knows me well has heard me do this, ad infinitum.  People smile patiently, some cringe, some shake their heads.

One of my favorite Christmas presents of all time is this white sweater that our girl Rachel bought for me, then by hand "upgraded" to have a shark pattern needlepointed on it.  It's amazing, it's badass, I love it.

My friend Moliére and I are amongst the closest of friends.  We've been friends for several years now, and really consider one another family.  He recently learned about my sweater thing, and made it his own in this really (and literally) sweet way, when we were visiting him this past weekend.

Aren't these awesome?

Aren't these awesome?

After he gave them to me, I said that I wanted to have them with him, when he comes to visit us, down here.  I love sharing an inside joke, and love having such a close friend.  I love him lots.


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