Saturday was a mix of familiar stuff and new things. Missy and I were going to the DC Littles Munch.  Beforehand though I wanted to work out, to go swimming at a new pool that opened up near us. 

There was in fact cake. Cake & swimming. Great combo.  

There was in fact cake. Cake & swimming. Great combo.  

I decidec to do 45 minutes of breast stroke, because it's a really good calorie burn for me, and I knew there would be cake at the munch.  As I swam I debated cutting it short at 30 minutes, but realized my health mattered more than that 15 minutes.


To reward myself for my diligence I went on the new pool's absolutely amazing water slide. So fast. So tall. So dizzying. So GREAT. 

It felt good to make my exercise a priority again.  

At the munch, I was almost completely  just a guest there, instead of helping run it. I did stand up during announcements to talk about the Littles Express holiday train ride I'm helping run this year. But that was just a small thing. It felt great to be at the munch while not being in charge of it.  

I'm grateful I can do new things that are informed by old things, and old things in new ways. 



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