Yesterday I spent the majority of my day figuring out how to do something I didn't know. 

I had help. Lots of help.  

I had help. Lots of help.  

It was just a little thing, how to set a timer in JavaScript and then use it to do something important in a project I'm working on.  


When I first got going with it, I really overthought the problem, and was going to do this really heavy handed thing to solve it. Then I reached out to a co-worker who gave me some ideas, and I followed them.  

I had some good success doing so. Then I chased down more resources about other ways to solve my issue.  There was a lot of good material out there, which is awesome.  

Probably the biggest thing that proved helpful to me was letting go of my fear about not knowing the answer.  

After I finished my work day I did something similar by making a new recipe I had never tried before either (salmon and potato foil packets on the grill), which came out pretty good, but could use some tweaking the next time I make them.  

It's exactly that attitude that was the key to my getting anything done the whole day: it's okay not to know everything.  


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