This morning I went to the gym, and afterward stopped by my new most favorite and least favorite grocery store.

It's my most favorite because it's really clean, nice, modern, and has all kinds of good stuff, including vegetarian corn dogs, and strawberry wine.  (Both are great, but typically I don't eat them together.)

It's my least favorite because of one overwhelming thing.  When you first walk into the store you are overwhelmed by a vast, pleasant, but very enticing aroma of fresh donuts.  That's because at the back of the store they have a display of around 975 freshly baked donuts.


I know, because I counted.  Well, estimated.

Food is one of my self-soothing mechanisms.  I had that revelation just the other day as I was listening to The Power of Vulnerability.  It struck me, all at once, that in social situations where I'm dealing with lots of folks I don't know, or have to manage being in a crowded space (something I intensely dislike), I often busy myself with the food there, as a "thing-to-do" and a way to sublimate awkward feelings.

It's really on my radar since then.  I'm not shaming myself about it, just paying attention.

So, I was super proud of myself for smelling the lovely, terrible smell of the donuts, and then walking past them and not getting one, because I wasn't really hungry, and didn't really need it.


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