Brené Brown says that play is an important aspect of living a wholehearted life.  Rather than define the exact nature of play, she describes certain aspects of it.  Two really big honking ones are: 

  1. Time spent without purpose. 
  2. Time you lose track of, or, more succinctly, time you don't want to end.

I definitely have some things like that.  

I love playing games.  (Word games, trivia games, video games, board games, dirty-kinky games, all great.).  Sometimes, if the person I'm gaming with is the right sort, I enjoy a friendly rivalry with them, too.  (I've had a lifelong one with my aunt, in Scrabble.)

I love reading fiction, including comic books and graphic novels.  I love movies and cartoons too.

I forget it sometimes, but I love exercise.  I love a good long walk, or run, love to swim, to scuba dive, to ski.  I love to just explore.  I think it's really, really neat to get in my car, pick some random place I haven't been before, and just go check it out.

I love to tell stories. 

I love to hear someone else tell them. 

I love to laugh.  I love stand-up comedy. 

I love to listen to music.  While I'm not a fan of big crowds, I love concerts.  And if the venue is right, I'm good. 

I love to make things.  That's why I love to cook, especially with our girl Kate, who is a brilliant cook.  I love things like paint-your-own-pottery places, too. 

Even programming/coding and writing can be play for me, depending upon the spirit with which I approach them.   

How do you play? 


AuthorMako Allen