My buddy Moliére is one of my closest friends.  We have a lot of things in common. He's an age player like me, and a techie too. We talk a lot about Very Serious Things™ about life, intimacy, relationships, technology, programming, business, and being entrepreneurs.  

But we're also like little kids who never grew up. So we also play video games together.  

He just got an Xbox and was asking me about games to get. So sure, I had him get Overwatch, my latest time-sucking addiction, and he had me get this golf game which he loves.  

But I also had him get Monopoly. And we played it over the Internet last night.  


It's funny. Another way we are alike is that we're both really gentle, kind people, who are generally soft-spoken and easy-going.  

Except when we play games.  

I thought it was just when I play Scrabble, but as it turns out, other games too bring out my competitive side.  

He is much the same. We spent a good hour or so playing and working hard to screw the other guy over.  

And laughed about it the whole time. It was fantastic.  

AuthorMako Allen
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