Yesterday I was updating the apps on my phone, and ended up deleting a movie I had on it, to make room for all the downloads.  

I had two movies on there, and the one I kept is one of my favorites, an animated Disney film called Meet The Robinsons .

The movie is about a young orphan and brilliant inventor, Lewis, who becomes obsessed with finding his birth mother, and through wacky misadventures winds up visiting the future. 

The central theme of the movie is mindfulness, to weather misfortunes and mistakes, learn from them, and keep moving forward.  

Sometimes you just run right out of plans

Sometimes you just run right out of plans

 It's a lesson that the film's villain, the Bowler Hat Guy not only doesn't take to heart, he can't even perceive it.  At a few key points in the film he's so obsessed with the past that he literally cannot see what is happening around him. 

Eventually though, through pluck, determination, a smattering of good luck and some Disney magic, Lewis is triumphant and things work out. 

I love  this movie. I watched a good chunk of it yesterday, and finished it this morning lying in bed.  

It's got me so cheery just now. And as always, I find it so relevant to what I've got going on in my own life. I've got an ambitious side project going on, I'm just finishing up something at my day job, and have a lot on my plate.  Plus, my family life is exciting and challenging, with my new relationship with Squee having all sorts of amazing ripple effects on my other poly relationships, as well as all the surprises, benefits, and burdens of just having moved somewhere new. 

I'm so glad I stumbled across this favorite movie of mine again, and feel its message so strongly today.  



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