I really like routines.  I love patterns and rituals. They call to me, help make arbitrary order out of chaos.

I think that's why I'm a writer, and why I write code for a living.  I'm fascinated when I find these things, like spider webs, or moiré patterns. 

I like making and having rituals too. I stumbled across a new one at our new house. It's a slightly older home, with a few little quirks all its own. One of these has to do with my shower.


It takes a little time to warm up. In the morning I have to reach in, get a tiny bit wet, and wait for it to warm up. I've taken to keeping my towel nearby, drying off my arm, and then brushing my teeth or putting in my contact lenses while I wait. 

This morning I realized it's become routine for me, in a way I find charming and reassuring. 

It's the little things that just make every day special. 

AuthorMako Allen
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