Pandora Blake

Pandora Blake

So there's a British pornographer whose career, aesthetic, work, and drive I really admire, Pandora Blake (NSFW link).  She ran (past tense) the very lovely website

There's this evil, patriarchal, boundary-overstepping British regulatory agency, ATVOD, that passed a law/regulation/encyclical/evil-scroll-of-doom banning all sorts of pornography, back in late 2014.  Here's a relevant quote from an article from the British newspaper/blog The Independent.

The Audio Visual Media Services regulations (AVMS) banned sex acts that were deemed morally damaging or life-threatening, including strangulation, face-sitting and fisting. Spanking beyond what was deemed to be a gentle level, humiliation, full bondage and restraint (which involves a gag and all four limbs), female ejaculation, and depictions of non-consensual sex were also forbidden under the laws enforced by the Authority for Television on Demand (Atvod), which has since been overtaken by Ofcom.

(The boldfacing and italicizing are mine.)

What a load of sex-negative, woman-hating trash!  Female ejaculation is morally damaging and life threatening?! 

I was outraged, as were many.  There was a protest, a face-sitting sit-in in front of a government building.

Pandora wasn't going to take this sitting down.  (Pun intended.)  She protested.  She rallied.  She went on British mainstream news programs to discuss it.  She mounted a legal defense, and would not be silenced.

And you know what?  She won.

Ofcom, the British Office of Communications ruled that the law didn't apply to her site at all, and that the ATVOD overstepped their bounds.  Ofcom in fact has completely taken over that sort of regulatory work from ATVOD, effectively shutting the agency down.

Sometimes, the good guys win.