We're moving.

Missy, my sister-in-law, and I have lived in the same house now for two years.  It's been a good place in many ways, but just didn't fit us in a lot of ways.  First, there's the fact that our current house has an absolutely ridiculous amount of stairs.  (Plus, it's actually ON TOP of another house - that means, you guessed it, MOAR STAIRS.)  

Buying a big load of groceries and bringing it inside is like an exercise in casual sadism.

Plus, there's the parking thing.  When we first moved here, it looked like the parking for guests was plentiful.  But the homeowner's association changed the rules on us, and made it really difficult to have more than one guest with a car.

For a polyamorous family like mine, that's just not going to fly.

I could go on at some length about the various ways this house is just ill-fitting, like a pair of jeans that's just not quite big enough, or has a strange inseam.  But the heck with that.  A little while back I found a GREAT house.  It's pretty much perfect.  It's a bit further south than the one we have now, and it's kind of in the country, which means a longer commute for me on the days I'm in the office.

But I don't care.  This thing is BEAUTIFUL.  It's got LOTS of room.  That's important for a lot of different reasons.  My sister-in-law really gets a whole suite of rooms to herself, which is awesome, because she doesn't have to feel like she's stuck in one-tiny-room-living-a-reclaimed-life.  My wife can finally have that Twilight room she's always wanted, and a place to garden.  There's room aplenty for us to have poly family members over, and for necessary noisy and sexy things to happen and still allow for privacy.  The development is beautiful, and there are parks with running trails not far away at all.

It's just right.

AuthorMako Allen
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