A few years back when I went to Chicago for CAPcon, I had pretty much The Worst Day of Travel Ever™.  It was filled with canceled, rerouted flights, delays, airport hopping, bad taxi rides, and lost luggage.  

That's why I was so happy when I had the exact opposite day traveling to visit my Auntie Squee.

Everything was smooth sailing.  I left the house with time to spare, got to my prepaid parking without incident, found an actually lovely restaurant by the gate at which I had a healthy, delightful salmon salad.  Then I boarded without incident, had an easy flight during which I had a funny conversation with my row-neighbor about being a pescatarian (which she had never heard of, and at first thought was perhaps related to being a Presbyterian).  I assured her otherwise, and said that maybe I might seek out some nice presbyterian food when I got to Chicago.  

Then I got off the plane, passed the cheese hats, and went right into the loving arms of my Squee.  That's a good day of travel, right there.

AuthorMako Allen
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