While the Saturday of my trip was mostly about alone time with Squee, Sunday was all about connecting with Squee's husband, Kit, too.

We bopped on over to their house, and while the kids were still away visiting with other family, had quality time together.

These are "meeple" - you use them to play Carcasonne.  Specifically, these were my green meeple.

These are "meeple" - you use them to play Carcasonne.  Specifically, these were my green meeple.

This means we hugged, and we played Carcasonne, and then we, to quote Sokka of the Water Tribe, "did an activity together", that activity being kinky karaoke.

Years ago when I first read The Ethical Slut, an amazing book about polyamory, having a few things jump out at me.  One of them was how often our idea of our partner's new partner can be really damn scary, but when we meet and get to know them, we see that they're just people, just a person, like we're a person, and that that makes everything better.

That was totally what Kit and I were doing on Sunday.  And it was awesome.  We talked, like a lot.  (Anyone who knows me well will tell you, getting me to talk is not a problem.)

Squee made us all breakfast, and we sat, and talked, and played carcasonne, and just... bonded. It was beautiful.  There was this funny moment when we first set up the game that he offered the meeple to me and I went to pick, and right away went for the blue ones.  (Because oceans, sharks, etc.)  He got this little look of "oh well" on his face, because he's always the blue meeple.  I immediately gave them to him, laughing, and said, "sharing is love."  The three of us shared a knowing, warm, funny smile over it, and he was happy to have them back.

Then he totally kicked my ass in Carcasonne.  Which was awesome!  So awesome he did it twice.  He's a genius at that game.  It, for him, is like Scrabble is, for me.  His big move is using the fields to do farming.  I'm practicing, so I can get better.  

Later on, the three of us went out to do kinky karaoke.  I've never ever done karaoke before.  In the car on the way there, we talked about what the place was like, and what songs they had.  I asked about show tunes, then sang a bit of Red and Black from Les Miserables, which is like my go-to shower song, just because.  It felt good to sing aloud in the car in front of people I knew and trusted, before going to a place to sing in front of total strangers.

Plus, we talked about kink in general, and getting out there and meeting people.  Kit's kind of a shy guy, and he's just beginning to make inroads into the kink community.  He's excited to meet people, connect, and see what's really out there.  We had this awesome talk about what people get out of wearing diapers, and I totally threw myself under the example bus talking about why I particularly love to be in diapers, or diaper other people.  

Steven Universe shirt?  Check.  Queen song? Check!

Steven Universe shirt?  Check.  Queen song? Check!

When we got there, I sang two songs, Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen, and Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft by The Carpenters.  Kit helped me pick the first one, and I was totally prepared for it, so I rocked it.  It felt great.  The second song I didn't know as well (despite loving it) and was really in a much higher range than I can sing comfortably.  I stumbled a bunch, but Squee and Kit both cheered me on, and I got into it and I think, did a good job with it.  It was really fun!

Squee sang with some friends too, and did an awesome job.  Kit and I sat together with their friend Annie, and watched her, and felt good, and felt together.

What a damn good day that was.







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