Man, I seem to be writing a lot about food lately.

So, not too far away from our house there's this convenience store that sells hot dogs, and other not-so-good-for-you instant gratification type "food".

Now that I'm a fishitarian, the vast majority of that stuff is in my no-fly-zone.

But, I did find they had this one thing, which I have had before, that I LOVE.

It's a latin dish, Salvadoran specifically, I think, called a pupusa.

Now I'm not under any illusions here.  Convenience store pupusa are still junk food crap.  Any food you pop in a high speed microwave and then eat sitting in your car isn't really a great idea.

I don't care.  I love them.

I was really stoked when I found out there's a Salvadoran restaurant near my office that makes pupusas from scratch.

Feast your eyes on these corn-tortilla-cheese-and-frijoles-refritos-filled-beauties.

With a side of fried yuca and strawberry soda?  Yes please.

With a side of fried yuca and strawberry soda?  Yes please.

They were, in a word, AMAZING.  So damn good.  They were to convenience-store-pupusas like a fine wine is to a glass of canned grapefruit juice.  They just melted in my mouth.  Fantastico!

I sometimes have lunch with my friend Tasha, and I am PSYCHED to go here with her.



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