No, not like the movie.  The other day I had something make me blindingly  mad. 

I know it seems like I never get angry. It's not true. What it was doesn't even matter. What does matter is how I dealt with it.  

I suffered.  

Then I bought myself breakfast, and while I sat eating it, I caught up a few blog entries, and moved on to thinking about something else, and noticed after how much better I felt.

I want to say that again, because it bears some repeating.  I didn't stop being angry and then write some blog posts. It was just the opposite. 

Ok, so what? Why am I telling you  this? It's not even a little bit to tell you what to do.

It's because after-the-fact I was absolutely gob smacked at how it went down.  Every once in a while I'm fortunate to see in high relief  a thing I believe happen so clearly  to me, for me, by my own actions. 

Getting so mad sucked. But moving through it and transcending it felt amazing! 

AuthorMako Allen
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