A few weekends ago I was down visiting Maya and Michael in North Carolina, to go to a Black Violin concert, together.  This was during a big snowstorm, too.  I got out of town early, and avoided most of the bad stuff that hit the DC area.  North Carolina was a whole lot less snowed upon, although they got plenty.   

When we went to the concert, I did have to scrape my car, Appa, off so we could go.  Navigating the secondary roads in their neighborhood was not very fun, either.  But once we hit the main roads, we seemed to be good.   

We drove for an hour or so to East Carolina University for the concert, where there was no snow on the ground at all.   

Looks like the whole trip was going to be without incident, right? 

Well, almost.

We decided to get some Waffle House breakfast-for-dinner after the concert.  Appa had this giant sheet of icy sleetsnowcrud (sure, it's a word) stuck to his roof.  I got on the highway, and got up to high speed, not realizing that in the slightly warmer temperatures the car had sat in while we were at the concert, that icy roof-hat had melted some.  Enough for the wind to get under it, and rattle it, seriously thumping the roof before it came flying free.

It didn't hit anyone else except us, but the weirdest thing happened when it did.  The whole car rattled loudly, and one of my overhead dome light covers cracked, and fell right into Michael's lap! 

Thankfully, the dome light itself still worked. 

Appa's fancy new car part

Appa's fancy new car part

And just a few days ago, I had my mechanic look into replacing the part, and it was only about $20.  Whew! 


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