So, Christmas is often tough for me, and lots of other folks too.  

One of the big reasons for this is dealing with family and friends, many of whom you don't see very often, but are more than happy just to let you know what they think about you, your life, and your choices.  This same thing works in reverse, too.

Even though I know better, I often find myself gritting my teeth at something someone says or does, an attitude they hold, a way they treat me or others, or best yet a disagreement in politics.

The other day my brother Spacey sent me an article that offers another option: being Mindfully Free of Wanting People to Be a Certain Way.

I love this article.  I love my brother.  Many of the truths in this thing are things I already knew, had already sussed out for myself.

But I forgot.

What a gift to remember them again, and learn yet more reasons why that sort of wanting is an attachment I neither need nor want.


AuthorMako Allen
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