Literally even.  


This is my work bag.  You can tell because there it is sitting on my work desk. Which is at... work, right.  

I got this bag from my last job when I worked for about a year for one of the absolute shittiest conpanies I've ever worked for. They had mostly subpar benefits, as well as policies that always and without exception favored the company over the employee. 


However, the job itself was good, very good. It's where I learned my current technology I work with.  And they gave me this bag. 

It's not a perfect bag. The inside pocket where a laptop is supposed to go is structured awkwardly. But it turns out to work well for an iPad, a Bluetooth keyboard, and a legal pad.  It does have a very nifty outside pocket that is the PERFECT place to put a badge and lanyard.  

I started using it when my trusty LL Bean messenger bag began to give up the ghost.  

It struck me today as I was fishing my badge out from said niftypocket (sure it's a word now), that deciding to use my bag from HyperMegaCrapGoons Worldwide and figuring out how to make it work for me was a certain kind of mindfulness, an adaptive strategy that serves me well, and one which I, without noticing, employ often. 

You know, it's my bag.  


AuthorMako Allen
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