Over new year's our girl Katie, her partner Leah (who's really also our girl too - we love her) and their son, C. visited us for the holiday weekend.  I love all three of them.  The last time I saw C. was for his birthday back in October.

Kids grow so fast, and change so quickly.  I was shocked at how good a reader he's become.  He has these "drink in everything" eyes where he scans the room and reads random anything and everything out loud.  It makes my heart skip a beat every time he does it, because of my lifelong love affair with books, and my deep, heartfelt yearning to read Harry Potter with him.  (Which I think I'm going to have to share with Leah, who loves those books even more than I do, which is really saying something.)

Anyhow, as much as C. changes every time I see him, there are some things that stay the same.

For one, he's ridiculously adorable.

For another, he really loves me.  We hold hands when we walk places.  He likes to sit next to me, and lean on me.  

He likes sharks because I do.  He likes Scrabble because I do.

In lots of tiny little ways, he tells me how much he loves me, every single time I see him.

How did I ever get so lucky?


AuthorMako Allen
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