No, not jewelry.  I mean on the telephone.  I have this good friend, William.  He lives a few states up from me, and periodically I get to see him.  He'll come down to visit for the munch, and hang with me and my family.

He's really a cool character.  He's a great photographer, a skilled graphic artist, smart, funny, and kind.  I like him enormously.   

He's an ageplayer, like me, and a creative type, like me.  He's super-thinky, and shared my love of Pema Chodron. 

Our friendship, which is strong, is definitely on the rise, too.  Out of the blue the other day as I was on my way home, he gave me a call, and we spent my ride home catching up, and just sort of chit-chatting about all sorts of things. 

It was really nice.  I told him he could call me any old time, because I always love hearing from him. 

I'm really grateful for our friendship. 


AuthorMako Allen
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