So one of the interesting things about this not-numbering-my-gratitudes posts is that you can't tell when I'm posting more than one gratitude for the same day.  (I can, because I have a little notebook of sorts where I jot them down, by date.  CDO for the win, maybe?!)

This rare-and-elusive double-shot refers to two things:

First, the warm and schmoopy feeling of my girlfriend and Auntie, Squee getting to learn about the funny, weird-yet-consistent special grammar Mako-kun has.  He really loves to say "supertotal" instead of "very."  As in, that key lime pie was supertotal good!

For him, the superlative beyond "supertotal" is "supertotalmonsterdinosaur."  For something to be supertotalmonsterdinosaur good, it's got to be more than great, well beyond great.  How could I/he convey this to Squee so she could see it?

That's where the second part of my gratittude kicks in: technology!  We use a personal note-taking application-as-a-service called Evernote.  One of the more clever things we do with it is have a pair of shared notebooks we write in on our phones, tablets, computers both to each other and for each other.  One of the more clever things you can do with Evernote is draw pictures!

So, Mako-kun got busy drawing a picture of what supertotalmonsterdinosaur looks like, so she could see it.

Here it is:

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