Yesterday I was grateful for two distinct things:

First, the cute little Flash figurine that Missy got me as a surprise.  I brought him to work, and keep him on my desk now.

He's really adorable.  I held him during our daily standup meeting, and announced what he was working on to the group, too.

"While I'm still working on my prototype application, Barry here is concerned with the gaping hole in the air over Central City."

This was met with laughter.  Excellent!

Second, I stayed at work a bit later, trying to get something to work, and did, indeed get it.  As I left, I noticed that it was just pouring down rain.  But, lucky for me, I had parked just underneath the last bit of roof on the level of the parking deck that morning.  So, even though the rain was absolutely flooding down, I was able to stay dry while I put stuff in the trunk and got in the car.  Again, excellent!

Sometimes gratitude is just about the small things that make your day great.


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